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Our Purpose

The Hawk Hopes Blog at KU is a unique feature of KU’s Special Education Department.  We strive to showcase the impressive array of University of Kansas faculty, students, and graduates who help to spread KU’s mission of civic professionalism throughout the nation, if not the world.  We want this blog to be a place where individuals talk about opportunities and challenges of a daily practice that embeds equity and social justice on behalf of individuals with dis/abilities.

Blogs are a venue for disseminating new information and facilitating discussion around current topics of interest.  Blogs are captivating when they provide a window to authentic lived experience.  Our blog is a tool for e-learning.  It is designed to translate research and uncover the multiple meanings of everyday experiences.  Our Hawk Hopes blog topics should challenge accepted assumptions and practices, inspire readers to further discussion in the field, and/or take action for the good of ALL in education/special education.  Each blog should engage readers in learning new ways of thinking and acting to educate all students.

Hawk Hopes Blog seeks an audience that consists of families, state and district administrators, school principals, researchers, practitioners, and scholars.

One of the major tenets of the Hawk Hopes Blog is that change is a collaborative act!

KU-Hawk Hopes Blog Editors


  1. Keenan Stump says:

    I truly value and appreciate these posts! I am approaching the final stages of my doctoral program in KU’s Therapeutic Sciences program and I am so glad to see so many excellent pieces on Hawk Hopes. May I ask about your submission process? Do you take open submissions or do you choose more specific topics and then find authors?


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